Homework Help

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30 p.m., the Bridgeview Library offers FREE homework help to students in grades K-6. Please bring your assignment and any materials you need. You can sign up for homework help in advance, or just walk in.

Remember, you don't have to come to the library to ask us for help! You can call or IM us whenever the library is open.

Library Databases
The Bridgeview Library subscribes to lots of online databases that can help you with research projects. You can use our databases in the library, or from home with a library card (call the library if you need help logging in). Some of the best ones for kids are:
Kids InfoBits
Kids InfoBits is a database for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 5. The articles come from magazines, reference materials (like encyclopedias), and other good sources. This database covers geography, current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history, sports and more.
World Book for Kids
This database contains the same information found in the World Book database, written just for kids. It also features games, science fair projects, maps, dictionaries, and more!
Grolier Online Kids
Another great resource for finding facts and information about both past and present news and events.
NoveList K-8
Not sure what to read next? Use this database to find helpful suggestions and recommendations for books you might like to read. Search by title, author, type of book (mystery, science fiction, graphic novel, etc.), or series.

Yep, that's right - the library still has tons of books! Search the catalog.